How To Choose The Best Shipping Provider + Our Top Picks

Today’s shoppers have high expectations—they want the flexibility to order what they want, when they want it, and they expect fast and flawless service at every stage of their buying journey. This level of expectation means that choosing the right shipping partner is a critical decision that can make or break your business. 

Choosing a great provider ensures your products reach customers quickly and securely through a trusted carrier, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. Conversely, making a poor choice can result in delays, damage, and a tarnished reputation. In fact, research suggests nearly 70% of consumers won’t return to a retailer after a negative delivery experience (Metapack). 

Doing your research is vital. There are several key factors to consider when selecting a shipping provider. Let’s break them down: 

Service coverage

Make sure the provider covers all the regions where you want to ship. Global reach can expand your market, while local expertise can improve delivery times. 

Carrier network 

A provider that has access to a strong network of carriers means more options and better reliability. This can reduce risks associated with relying on a single carrier. Having multiple carriers at checkout can also increase cart conversion, as many shoppers have different delivery preferences. 


Check if the provider can integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce platform, ERP or warehouse management system. This ensures smoother operations and better tracking. 


Look for providers that offer automation features. Automated processes can save time, reduce errors and improve efficiency. 


Advanced technology, like real-time tracking and analytics, can give you better control over your shipments and help optimize your logistics. 


Sustainability matters. Providers with eco-friendly practices can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer retailers that offer sustainable delivery options (IBM). 


Competitive rates are crucial, but don’t just go for the cheapest option. Balance cost with the quality of service and features to get the best true value. 


Choose a provider that can scale with your business. As you grow, your shipping needs will change, and your provider should be able to keep up. 


Every business is unique. A provider that offers customizable solutions can better meet your specific needs and improve overall efficiency. 


Look at case studies, reviews and testimonials to see how the provider has helped other businesses. This real-world evidence can give you more confidence in their capabilities. 

Our top pick shipping providers 

To help you get you started in your search for the perfect shipping partner, we’ve put together a rundown of shipping providers that have proven track records of powering fast-growing, successful global brands.  


A Brightpearl customer favorite, Shiptheory serves thousands of retailers with comprehensive domestic and international shipping solutions. Its expansive carrier network offers eco-friendly local options and global long-haul deliveries, covering every aspect of shipping.  

The platform excels in automation, seamlessly generating labels and sending tracking information back to the original order source.  

Retailers benefit from Shiptheory’s features like the Pick Pack Ship system, which enables digital picking lists and automatic label printing, and a carbon offset feature that neutralizes the carbon cost of shipping. Transparent pricing and tailored packages accommodate businesses of all sizes.  

As businesses grow, Shiptheory scales with them, offering major courier connections and a customizable UI to meet specific needs. Its flexible rule system ensures the right shipping process is selected for every order, making it an adaptable and reliable choice for businesses. 


ShipStation excels in providing seamless domestic and international shipping coverage, with automated customs declarations simplifying cross-border shipments. Its diverse carrier network, including integrations with major carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, ensures flexible and reliable shipping options.  

The platform supports over 100 integrations, including popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, making multi-channel order management a breeze. 

Automation is a standout feature, streamlining processes from label generation to tracking updates, significantly saving time and reducing errors.  

Advanced technology tools like batch processing and real-time tracking enhance operational efficiency, while eco-friendly practices and transparent pricing further solidify ShipStation as a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming for growth and sustainability. 


Sendcloud operates in 8 countries (Austria, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy) and lets you use your own carrier contracts or their rates. They are expanding to more countries like Denmark, Portugal, and Poland. Sendcloud manages both EU and international shipments and returns, offering all needed customs documents. 

Using data from 150 million shipments, Sendcloud provides smart shipping solutions that optimize delivery quality and cost. They integrate with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, and are growing into ERP and WMS systems. Their tech supports batch processing, real-time tracking, and automated returns. 

 Sendcloud offers eco-friendly options and bike deliveries in some areas. They have clear pricing and scalable API use, with no limits on batch processing. Their expert teams help with setup and growth, making Sendcloud a flexible and reliable choice for e-commerce businesses. 


Easypost offers extensive coverage for domestic and international shipments, integrating with over 100 carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  

Their API simplifies shipping by automating tasks like rate shopping, label creation, and tracking. EasyPost works well with eCommerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce. 

EasyPost offers useful tools like batch processing, address checking, and real-time tracking. They provide carbon-neutral shipping for free, helping businesses stay green. Clear pricing and scalable solutions support business growth. 

 Custom features like branded tracking pages and tailored API integrations make EasyPost adaptable to unique business needs. 


Starshipit supports domestic and international deliveries with 30+ carrier integrations like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Retailers can choose the best carriers for their needs and switch between them easily. 

The platform integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, and WMS/IMS systems like Unleashed. Starshipit automates shipping with bulk label printing, tracking updates, and a rules engine for process automation. 

It offers eco-friendly options through partners like Sendle and helps reduce delivery distances using local inventory. Customers can compare shipping costs and apply margins without extra label fees. 

 Scalable for any business size, Starshipit also handles specialized deliveries for dangerous goods and oversized items, ensuring proper care and carrier assignment. 


nShift offers over 1,000 carriers and 10,000 services, covering domestic and international shipments, last-mile parcels, and B2B pallets. This ensures flexibility in service and cost. 

With 450+ integrations, nShift connects to major eCommerce, OMS, ERP, and WMS platforms like Microsoft D365, NetSuite, SAP, and Shopify, allowing customers to choose preferred providers. 

nShift automates delivery with shipping rules, carrier-compliant labels, and tracking. Advanced tech includes address validation and out-of-home pickup points. 

The Emissions Tracker provides detailed, shipment-level emissions data for sustainable shipping, aligning with ISO14083 and GLEC standards. 

Transparent pricing is based on parcel volume and functionality. Handling close to a billion parcels annually, nShift supports growth from small to large brands, accommodating specialized needs like temperature control and dangerous goods. 

 Still can’t decide? We get it. Email our expert for an impartial shipping partner recommendation based on your specific needs.