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Across the northern hemisphere, sunscreen and sunglasses are flying off the shelves. Among all of this summer frenzy, make sure you take a break in the sunshine and recap on the latest news, stories and articles affecting the retail and wholesale industry.

1. News: The Supreme Court’s Wayfair Decision

In a case that is set to change the US retail industry quite significantly, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of giving states greater power over requiring out-of-state retailers to collect sales tax on sales to in-state residents, even if they don’t have a retail presence within that state.

Accounting Today reports that: “Prior to today, [US law] required that, to force out-of-state retailers to collect tax on sales to residents of the state, the out-of-state retailer had to have a physical presence in the state. Today’s decision makes a dramatic change.”

If you’re selling within the US, or into the US, make sure you’re clued up on how these sales tax changes could affect you:


2. eBook: The Omnichannel Survival Guide – For the New Retail Reality

Towards the end of May, we released our new ebook – ‘The Omnichannel Survival Guide: For the New Retail Reality’, which provides expert advice for traversing the new world of omnichannel retail, so that merchants can not only survive – but thrive and prosper.

The chapters are released each week via this website, or if you can’t wait, then the whole ebook is available to download from Amazon UK for just 99p.

To learn more about this book and why it was written, here are some useful links:


3. Ecommerce: Amazon Prime has launched in Australia

There’s no two ways about it – Amazon are continually adapting and growing their business to capture more market share.

Their latest venture, taking place just a couple of weeks ago, saw them launching their Amazon Prime service within Australia, charged at $59 for the year.

Business Insider Australia reports: “The Prime launch comes after Amazon announced it will no longer deliver to Australia from overseas from next month when the 10% Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply to overseas purchases under $1000.”

Are you currently selling on Amazon within Australia? How does this new venture affect you? Let us know in the comments below…

4. Resources: Brightpearl’s New Retail & Wholesale Resource Center

This month also saw us announce the launch of the new retail and wholesale Resource Center on our website.

In aid of helping more and more merchant businesses to grow, a few of us here at Brightpearl HQ and a number of our partners have been hard at work writing a series of in-depth guides on a variety of topics.

You can read all of the articles we currently have published here.

5. Partner Spotlight: Key Learnings from the Ecommerce Tech Stack Webinar

This month, we have a number of partners to highlight, thanks to a very successful webinar that took place at the end of May.

We were joined by ecommerce experts from Americaneagle.com, BigCommerce, Jasper Studios and ShipStation to provide you with all the information you need to identify and simplify the perfect ecommerce technology stack for your business.

From understanding more about SaaS for ecommerce, how to gain shipping efficiency in your business, to how ERP and back office software can enable business growth and more, this webinar tackled a number of important ecommerce technology topics.

Recap on all of the key learnings from it now.

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