Customer Spotlight: Sports Brand Pumped After Almost DOUBLING Order Processing Speed

Strengthshop promo with man power lifting

When gyms closed during lockdown in 2020, millions of people went online in search of workout gear they could buy to use at home.

As a trusted retailer of specialist strength equipment, Strength Shop, was quickly inundated with orders. 

“We were selling as much in a single day as we were in a whole month before the pandemic,” said Strength Shop Europe’s COO, Ricky Shah.

But with rapid growth came complex back office issues.

The brand lacked the dedicated platform it needed to streamline orders from its multiple channels (a Magento website plus marketplaces including Amazon and eBay) and provide a ‘single source of truth’.

With orders coming in thick and fast, the team were drowning in spreadsheets and spending hours at a time inputting data. Without accurate visibility of their inventory, stock was regularly being oversold – which meant the business was disappointing customers at an already difficult time.

Then Strength Shop signed up to Brightpearl

In just 120 days, they were fully live on the built-for-retail platform – and the weight of day-to-day operations was immediately lifted.

Brightpearl’s out-of-the-box integration with Magento plus its real-time inventory reporting and accurate demand forecasting have all had a huge impact on the business.  

But the real game changer for Strength Shop has been Brightpearl’s market-leading automation tools

The intuitive automation engine means the majority of post-purchase workflows – including order allocation, shipping and invoicing – can be automated. With Brightpearl in place, the team at Strength Shop is now getting orders out of the door 75% faster.

Automation has proved to be a life saver for the team. They are no longer weighed down by endless manual tasks 

“The automation features of Brightpearl have made a massive difference,” Ricky added. 

“Our time to ship is much quicker. Growing the business is a big priority for us, and Brightpearl’s automation tools have enabled us to focus on that instead of wasting time on manual processes.

“A traditional ERP was too ‘bulky’ for us but Brightpearl ticked every box.”

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